About Us

CIEH 2 CertimageAt National Cupcake Championships 2014

*Bespoke Celebrity Cakes handmade here.* 😊🎉

Hi, my name’s Antonia,

Welcome to my kitchen bakery where everything is baked to order and there are no nasty additives. :-)

I’ve been running my bakery from home for 6 years and in that time I’ve driven a wedding cake to France, made a cake for the BBC’s Classic Car show and been invited to bake for both BBC & ITV several times.

I got into the finals of the National Cupcake Championships in 2014 which was a huge thrill, and was awarded a top 3 bakery in the Borough of Merton Excellence Award, 2016.

I’ve taken orders from all over the world including, France, Norway, America, India and Australia.

Now for something new, addictive and DELICIOUS in the extreme, – you can order speedy postal deliveries of my signature chocolate brownies as beautiful gift boxes, Yummy! Go on, grab one today!

EVEN – Gluten free chocolate chip brownies ! Hooray! 😄🍫

I sent a sample to one of my best customers and here is her reply: ‘..thankyou so much for the brownies, we shared them with family and friends, & everyone said they were the best they’d ever tasted. Thank you so so much, Louise.’

What a lovely response! So order your brownies or cakes today and have a fabulous 2017.


Antonia. xx

Art Foundation Certifiicate.

BA Hons.

Finalist National Cupcake Championships 2014.

Certificate of Excellence, Three Best Rated 2016.

NB SUPER INTOLERANCE anti-allergen chocolate cake available upon request.