About Us

CIEH 2 CertimageAt National Cupcake Championships 2014 National Cupcake Championship certificate (3) Hygiene certificate

*Bespoke Celebrity Cakes handmade here.* 😊🎉


Hi, my name’s Antonia,

Welcome to my kitchen bakery where everything is baked to order and there are no nasty additives. :-)

I’ve been running my bakery from home for 6 years and in that time I’ve driven a wedding cake to France, made a cake for the BBC’s Classic Car show and been invited to bake for both BBC & ITV several times.

I also got into the finals of the National Cupcake Championships in 2014 which was a huge thrill, and was awarded a top 3 bakery in the Borough of Merton Excellence Award, 2016.

I have taken orders from all over the world including, France, Norway, America, India and Australia.

Now for something new, addictive and DELICIOUS in the extreme, – you can order speedy postal deliveries of my signature chocolate brownies as beautiful gift boxes, Yummy! Go on, grab one today!

EVEN – Gluten free chocolate chip brownies ! Hooray! 😄🍫

I sent a sample to one of my best customers and here is her reply: ‘..thankyou so much for the brownies, we shared them with family and friends, & everyone said they were the best they’d ever tasted. Thank you so so much, Louise.’

What a lovely response! So order your brownies or cakes today and have a fabulous 2017.


Antonia. xx

Art Foundation Certifiicate CATS.

BA Hons. Eng Lit

Finalist National Cupcake Championships 2014.

Certificate of Excellence, Three Best Rated 2016.